Fraser Island

The main attraction of the region is K’gari (Fraser Island) – the largest sand island in the world! Fraser Island is 124 kilometres long, an average of 15 kilometres wide, and covers 1,840 square kilometres. Fraser Island is also the only sand island on which a rainforest grows.

There are three popular swimming lakes on K’gari (Fraser Island): Lake Wabby, Lake McKenzie and Lake Garawongera. Lake Wabby is lined with eucalyptus on one side and meter-high shifting dunes on the other. Lake McKenzie is particularly attractive: crystal-clear fresh water and incredibly stunning white beaches.

If you are travelling along the the East Coast, this should be high on your priority list. Whether with your own 4×4 or a guided tour. All adventurers and nature lovers get their money’s worth here.

Our Highlights

Cruise along 75-mile beach
Visit the world-famous Mehono Shipwreck
Take a dip in the Champagne Pools
Look out for some local dingos
Time for a swim in the crystal-clear waters of Lake McKenzie
Stroll the Rainforest Trails near Central Station
Float along Eli Creek
Take in the views from Indian Head
Climb the sand dunes to Lake Wabby

Tick it off the bucket list

Soar over the island on a Scenic Flight
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